Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • The Motor Safety Association’s Board of Directors is elected by members, and directly responsible to them for the management and conduct of the Association’s affairs.

Past President:  Christa Edgar – Fountain Tire (Henderson Dr.)
President:  Rylan Loucks – Redhead Equipment
Vice President: Keane Johnson – Finning Canada
Treasurer:  Gord Gibson – Industrial Scale
Secretary:  Vicki Radons – PTI Transformers

Shon Crumley – Dakota Towing
Geoff Schmidt – CreeWay Gas
Steve Karch – Frame & Wheel Alignment
Richard Shyluk – Cervus Equipment John Deere
Shawn Parsons – Inland Group
Shauna Reiger – Maaco Collision Repair
Heidi Lemieux – Hancock Petroleum

Non-Voting Associate Members: 
Susan Buckle, Executive Director SADA
Tom Bissonnette, Executive Director SAAR
Annette Goski, Manager Prevention Services Sask WCB

New Board of Director’s Orientation