MSA Staff

MSA Staff

Marty Cobb, Executive Director

Gord Martin, Safety Advisor

Ryan Bast

Ryan Bast, Safety Advisor


Ken Kostyniuk, Safety Advisor

Kevin Milligan, Safety Advisor

Nathan Costron, Safety Advisor

Chris Parnitsky, Safety Advisor


Bunty Harmen, Executive Assistant


Kristy Bradshaw, Admin Assistant


MSA is committed to excellence and this is reflected in our very professional and personable staff. We are committed to take a leadership role in advising and assisting our members in safety issues, with a focus on reducing the number of on-job injuries, and by demonstrating methods of returning injured workers to active members of the workforce as soon as practical.
We also believe in developing an open and honest working partnership with our members in implementing and developing safety related programs. Our staff is available to firms for safety audits, inspections, counseling and training in virtually every aspect of safe operating procedures. We actively support and encourage our members in safety related initiatives and programs, as we help them evaluate, improve and maintain the highest possible standards of safety.