Motor Safety General Information

Link to WCB Employer Forms

Training Matrix

Training Matrix

Accident Investigations

Accident Investigation Form
Accident Reporting Policy
Employee Accident Report
Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report
Witness Statement

Claims Management – Return to Work

Checklist Following an Employee’s Injury
Claims Management Policy
Incident Cost Calculator
Physician Return to Work Form
Return to Work Policy
Return to Work Plan

Injured Employees Package

E5 Health Care Practitioner Form (HCP)
Employee’s Consent
Health Care Provider Letter
Instructions to Employee
Job Information Worksheet – JIW

Injury Reporting

Accident/First Aid Log Book
W1-Worker’s Initial Report of Injury

JHA/Hazard Assessment Documents

Risk Matrix (Beginner)
Risk Matrix (Intermediate)
Risk Matrix and JHA Blank (Advanced)
JHA Blank Sample
JHA Worksheet