Safe Work Practices

Safe Work Practices


Sample Travel Policy


Accident Prevention Signs Tags & Barricades Housekeeping
Chemical Hazards WHMIS 2015 & TDG Incident Accident Reporting
Cleaning Solvents & Flammables Motor Vehicles
Compressed Air Office Safety
Compressed Gas Cylinders Powered Mobile Equipment
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safe Handling Use & Storage Preventing Fires
Electrical Cords Tools & Equipment Propane
Emergency Chemical Spills Right to Refuse Dangerous Work
Excessive Noise Shop Work
Fire & Use of Fire Extinguisher Work Warm Up Schedule Outdoor Activities
Floor & Wall Openings Working at Heights Fall Protection
Gasoline Handling & Storage Working Alone
Hand Tools Working at Heights Fall Protection
Handling Batteries


Clamps Hole Saws
Cutting Tools & Snips Non Sparking Tools
Defective Tools Pipe Tools
Gear Pullers Pliers
Hack Saws Screwdrivers
Hammers & Wrenches Striking Hammering Tools
Hand Saws Vises
Hand Tools Ergonomics


Air Powered Tools Hand Held Circular Saws
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Mounting Handling & Storage of Bonded Abrasive Wheels
Cut Off Saw Metal Saws – Hot Cuttoff – Chop Saws
Deck Saw – Quickie Saw Portable Grinder
Drills Portable Grinding Wheel Mounting
Drills, Hammer Drills & Chipping Hammers Power Hand Tools – Ergonomics
Explosive – Powder Actuated Fastening Tools Reciprocating Saw


Aerial-Lifts-Mobile-Scissor-Platforms Portable Ladders
Bucket (Aerial Devices) Rolling Scaffold
Elevating Work Platforms Scaffolds & Decks
Extension Ladders Scaffolds Inspection Checklist
Frame Scaffold Scissor Lift
JLG Manlift Stepladders
Ladder Inspections & Use Suspended Work
Ladder Storage & Handling Wood Scaffolds
Metal Scaffolds


Air Tugger Polyester Round Slings
Attaching Cable Clips & Clamping Wire Rope Portable Ground Winch
Basket & Bridle Sling Hitches Rigging & Hoisting
Calculate Sling Loadings Shackle Safe Working Loads
Chain Slings Sling onto Overhead Crane Hooks
Genie Lift Mechanical Cable Lift Slings & Chains
Hand Signals – Overhead Crane Synthetic Web Slings
Hand Signals Hoisting Operations Two Part Bridle Sling Safe Working Loads
Hoist Wire Rope Use of Materials Hoists
Hoists Cranes & Derricks Use of Plate Clamps
Lifting with Eye Bolts Use of Shackles
Material Handling – General Vertical, Choker & Turning Sling Hitches
Nylon Web Slings Weight of Masonry Units
Overhead Crane Operation Weight of Materials
Plate Clamp Inspection Wire Rope Slings


Electric Welding – Installation Maintenance & Inspection Oxy Acetylene Cutting Torch
Electric Welding – Setup & Equipment Use Checklist Plasma Arc Cutting & Welding
Gas Welding & Cutting – Cylinder Storage & Handling Portable Arc Welders
Gas Welding & Cutting – General Welding
Gas Welding & Cutting – Lighting Up & Shut Down Welding – General Safeguards
Gas Welding & Cutting – Setup Regulator Setup Leak Test Welding PPE
Gas Welding & Cutting Leaking – Overheating Cylinders Operating Faults Welding Ventilation


Common Factors in Forklift Hazards Forklift Trucks – Loading Unloading Vehicles
Forklift Truck Maintenance Forklift Trucks – Handling LPG Fuel
Forklift Operator’s Daily Check Forklift Trucks – Load Handling
Forklift Trucks – Ergonomics Forklift Trucks – Maintaining Stability
Forklift Trucks – General Safeguards Forklift Trucks Maintaining Control
Forklift Trucks – Fork Safety Professional Forklift Operator



Abrasive Blasting Hantavirus
Chain Saws Industrial Painting
Confined Spaces Overhead Powerlines Buried Powerlines
Confined Spaces 2 Plastic Welding
Confined Space Painting Coating Sandblasting Portable Pumps
Confined Space Ventilation Propane Heaters
MSC23 Confined Space Painting Coating Sandblasting Safety Around Fuel Tanks
Tank Vessel Confined Space Entry Temporary Electrical Installations
Fibreglass Chopper Gun Temporary Heaters
Fibreglassing Tiger Torch
H2S Hydrogen Sulphide Hazards



Angle Grinder Overhead Crane
Bench Grinder Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch
Chain Saw Portable Fire Extinguisher
Changing a Truck Tire Rebar Bender
Confined Space Entry Rope Grab
Cut-off or Chop Saw Safety-Bulletin-Board
Cut-off Saw (Portable Electric) Safety Concerns
Cut-off Saw (Portable Gas-Powered) Safe Work Procedure Sprayers Coming to Dealership
Demolition Safe Work Procedure Technician Dispatched on Sprayer Service Call
Getting On & Off Heavy Equipment Starting a Portable Generator
Interior Renovation Demolition Starting an Air Compressor
Job Procedure Introduction Temporary Heaters
Isolation Procedure What is a Confined Space
Lockout Tagout Workplace Violence Policy
LOTO and Zero Energy Procedure Working at Heights Procedure
Manual Lifting