MSA Updates

MSA Updates


Did you know that Torch Flashback arrestors on compressed cylinders have expiry dates set out by the manufacturer?

OH&S regulation 373(1) requires gas burning or welding equipment to be equipped with approved flashback arrestors installed on both hoses at the regulator end of the unit.

What many don’t know is that torch flashback arrestors come with a manufacturer expiry date and should be replaced as per the manufacturers requirements. It is also recommended that flashback arrestors are tested (or replaced) by a competent person at least every 12 months or in the case of a flashback incident. Check with the manufacturer of the flashback arrestors used at your business for more information.

This Wednesday March 10th we will be offering OHC Level I training for Occupational Health & Safety committee members. We have just a few remaining spots available for this live virtual course. Click here to learn more: Live Virutal Training Registration

On March 31st MSA will be hosting a FREE webinar on Safety Goal Setting. Click here to learn more:  Webinar Registration

MSA has scheduled our upcoming live virtual training courses till the end of June. If you or any of your staff require training on OHC Level I, OHC Level II, or Safety Fundamentals for Managers & Supervisors click below for course dates and more information: Live Virtual Training Registration

In the coming weeks MSA safety advisors will be in Prince Albert and Weyburn . If you are looking for any of our onsite services email to book now.

Motor Safety Association remains committed to assisting our members with safety questions or concerns. We can take phone calls 1-306-721-0688; meet through virtual meetings or onsite at a physical distance and are available via email. If you have any safety information that you feel should be communicated to our membership please email